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(Don't worry - this isn't one of those webinars that's just a giant sales pitch! It's chocked full of value you can use whether or not you decide to join us!)

Webinar replay and enrollment to Side Hustle Made Simple closes in:


Your job's a total compromise, right?

You’re not earning millions but you make enough to pay the bills.

You might hate your boss but you have great coworkers that depend on you.

You don’t love the work you do, but you’re pretty good at it.

You have bigger dreams but you need to be realistic to provide for your family.

You may not be all that happy, but at least you’ve got a job that’s not a total nightmare.

When it comes to the compromises of your day job, I’ve heard it all. And I get it.

I know how important your job is. It supports your lifestyle, your family, and your plans for the future. So I’m not going to tell you to leave your job. I’m not even going to suggest it. Because that may not be the right move for you.

But I am going to help you ignite your passion and use your strengths. Infuse your life with fulfillment. Feel like a total boss every day. Experience that whole “reaching my potential” thing.

And, oh yeah, make (a lot of) extra money.

I’d like to formally introduce you to the "Side Hustle".




To treat yourself to that handbag you’ve been oogling for weeks, enjoy organic food every day, cruise into early retirement, finally take that trip to Europe or Asia, send your kids to a better school or even pay off that debt!

To tap into your strengths and passions to create the work you truly want to share with the world and impact the lives of others

Peace of Mind
So you can rest easy, knowing you’re building your dream business (and future proofing your financial life) without giving up the stability of your regular paycheck

Those things sound pretty fantastic, right? But right now, they probably feel like a distant dream. Your “compromise” day job is a boring cycle of coffee, stress, busy work, demanding requests, more coffee, inboxes bursting at the seams, endless meetings about nothing, and cocktails to numb the monotony.




Feeling trapped
by your job, doing work you don’t love with people who don’t necessarily inspire you - maybe you feel like a misfit amongst your colleagues

Unable to enjoy your evenings when you get home
because work stress has drained the life out of you - you head straight for the remote or the fridge

about whether your salary can really support the kind of life you want for you and your family (now and later)

Seeing the true costs of your job
as your health, relationships, and emotional state inch downhill year after year

Tired of hearing “sorry, a pay rise isn’t in the budget this year”

Working this way is no way to live. We spend half of our lives at the office.

When life is so short and precious, that’s far too much time to be unhappy, unfulfilled, and stressed at your job for countless years to come.

But you already know that. What you don’t know is how to make exiting your job a real option.

- You’ve dreamed of working from your laptop on the beach but then you remember you can’t afford a beach trip without your steady paycheck.

- You’ve watched inspirational videos about taking control of your life but the idea of leaving your job makes you feel completely out of control. Because no one has told you exactly how to get started!

- You’ve fantasized about dozens of potential business ideas (and perhaps you've even tried starting one or two) but haven’t found "The One" to convince you that you can make a living from it.

- Maybe you’ve even bought a course on starting your own business but the information was all theory and didn’t help you move forward one bit.




1) An easy-to-follow system to take you from daydream to paying clients

2) No-fluff action steps that get you real results, really quickly

PLUS a supportive, no-excuses, Side-Hustling community who “get” you and encourage you to keep moving forward


Education is overrated.

In today’s world, there are NO prerequisites to success.

But there’s one thing all successful entrepreneurs — whether they’re newbie Side Hustlers or billionaire CEOs — can’t live without:


An MBA from Harvard won’t do anything but collect dust on the wall unless you take action. As Napoleon Hill said in Think And Grow Rich, “Knowledge isn’t power. Knowledge is only potential power”. We need to get moving!

In Side Hustle Made Simple, you’ll get (and keep) moving. You’ll become clear and confident. You’ll make money.

And you'll only take the action that matters.

Sure, there are a hundred things you could do to build your business. But there’s only a handful that actually produces results.
Side Hustle Made Simple strips it down to exactly what you need to start your side hustle and get new clients banging on your door, hungry to work with you.

You'll build the foundation for the life you really want. You know, the one your mind wanders to when you’re staring at an inbox full of uninspiring emails…

- Making more than enough money for the vacation, home, clothes, treats, experiences, and lifestyle you’ve always wanted

- Spending your time doing meaningful work that doesn’t feel like “work” and makes a genuine difference in the world. Think of the impact you will have on the lives of others, and the subsequent impact they will have in the lives of others!

- Having people recognize you for your talents and have magazines and TV shows calling you up to feature you

- Finishing a few hours of truly fulfilling work that helps others, feeling energized and excited to spend time with your family

"Having a sense of meaning and purpose is key to a thriving life. Susie Moore not only helps you discover your own purpose, but offers a practical guide to making it the driving force in your life and work."

Arianna Huffington

Founder of The Huffington Post and Thrive Global

"Susie runs circles around the rest of us and makes it look easy. For someone so accomplished to open up so candidly is an opportunity for the rest of us to learn and one we shouldn't miss."

Libby Kane

Business Insider


1 payment of $297 USD


4 payments of $97 USD

Hi, I'm Susie Moore...

I’ve been where you are. Trapped by my day job. Stressed all the time. Numbing my dissatisfaction with too many glasses of wine at happy hour. Feeling like every day I was losing more and more of who I truly was put on planet earth to be.

But I didn’t want to walk away from my paycheck. As much as I craved my own business with every fiber of my being, just like you, I simply couldn’t take the risk of leaving my job.

So I started side hustling.

I started putting my night, weekend, and spare hours to work for me...

I enrolled in a coaching program at NYU...

I started building my coaching business bit by bit. Client by client. Tuesday night by Tuesday night.

And now?

I don’t spend my days feeling unfulfilled anymore. After 18 months of side hustling, I made enough to replace my corporate salary and leave my day job.

Since then, I've scaled and built the hugely successful coaching business of my dreams!

I’ve been featured in some of the biggest publications out there, including The Huffington Post, the Today show, Business Insider, Forbes and Marie Claire, just to name a few.

I’ve written a #1 bestselling book teaching others to start their dream businesses. And I’ve been able to hire my sister and my husband Heath to help with behind-the-scenes aspects of my business, which has been such an incredible gift.
The best part is that I’m doing the work that I’m meant to do:

Helping daydreaming entrepreneurs-at-heart build lucrative businesses that fulfill them on every level.

I focus on strategic action so you can grow your side hustle and grow it quickly.

I’ve helped my clients grow incredible side businesses by getting laser-focused on the tasks that matter, and forgetting the rest.

Here’s what a couple of my clients said about working with me:


The real question is, does Side Hustle Made Simple work? Yes Yes Yes. I had my first paying client within a week.

Susie gives you every tool you can possibly need to get your Side Hustle up and running. It's not just a course about making money, although that does come into play. It's about taking something you love, and turning it into something you DO - making it part of your identity and your vocation. Susie helps you find your passion and turn it into a reality.

Oh, and by the way, she also has a way of making you feel like you might be the only one in the class. Susie genuinely cares that each of us succeeds and helps us along the way. Because this isn't just a business to her, this is what she started from her own passion, and it shows.

Even if you don't know what you want to do, or you think you don't have time, this course is a must. Susie will change everything. She opens doors and creates options, new ways to see things. You will have your first paying client before the course is done, if that’s your goal. By the third week, I was so inspired and excited that I actually contacted Susie and plead a case to buy a second seat for my friend because I knew she needed it!! I feel this strongly about the program.

Sarah Wetzel
Side Hustle: Career Coach


Before Side Hustle Made Simple, it was really fun to TALK about my idea of starting my own event planning business. Now that it’s a reality, it’s really fun to GET PAID to plan and execute events!

I landed my first client for over $3K within weeks.

Side Hustle Made Simple helped me understand not only how scary my business idea wasn’t, but also how to move through the fear and DO IT ANYWAY.

Every call and each success story shared in the Facebook community helps me continue with my momentum.

The program makes me want to be a better, more productive person in both my side and my main job!

Without Susie and the group, I’d still be chatting with my girlfriends over champagne how great it would be to start my own thing. But Susie, very gently and very powerfully, helped me push through the fear and really truly find my joy!"

Sara Madsen
Side Hustle: Concierge Event Planner


Without Side Hustle Made Simple, I would have kept putting off a dream I've had for years.

Before I joined, I was was working at a leading health and wellness website in New York City.

Susie's Side Hustle program encouraged me to believe I have the power to turn my talents into profit. It pushed me to get my butt into gear and finally DO something (and make a nice profit in the process!) — to turn my passion for life coaching and relationships into a profitable business.

The program gave me all the necessary business, marketing, and sales tools. I made almost $5,000 in less than 2 months! The most important thing, though, is that it gave me confidence and motivated me more than a book or TED talk ever could.

Since Susie's Side Hustle course, I've quit my day job and have several clients under my belt.

I'm now headed back home to Australia to continue to work on my growing business — I'll now have clients in two major international cities!"

Romena Ibrahim
Side Hustle: Relationship Coach


I’ll be honest, the cost held me back at first. I had no idea back then of the volume of invaluable advice, trainings, online support, PDFs and course resources that would be available inside Side Hustle Made Simple! I’m so glad I trusted my gut and signed up because the program is such incredible value.

Side Hustle Made Simple was a huge impetus to get my Life Coaching business off the ground and see the positive return on my efforts. Susie’s incredible energy is like a force of nature.

She puts so much raw enthusiasm out into the universe and helped me revive my 'get up and go' attitude!

Because of this program, I now start the day more energized and feel thoroughly addicted to the process of getting my website and coaching business out there. The program has given me the motivation I needed.

Susie is a fantastic encourager and motivator. She’s quick thinking and an 'on the spot' problem solver. Perfect qualities in any coach!

Sarah Virag
Side Hustle: Life Coach


I turned to Susie for help when my hobby (come Side Hustle) started to get attention and entered a very exciting growth period. As all founders often do, I felt quite isolated at times. Susie helped me get a structured plan in place which undoubtedly helped me make a bigger impact sooner. It felt like a real turning point. It has changed the way I think about my business - which has been reflected in the results ~ making $10K+/month, on average.

Investing in Susie was one of the best business decisions I have made."

Aaron Klausen
Side Hustle: Rare Plant & Animal Sighting App (Nature Mapr)


Thanks to Susie, I’ve launched my organic skincare line. My website will be up soon and I’ve made a couple connections with bloggers who want to try my products and write reviews. I’m headed into early retirement from my day job!”

Dorothy Wicks
Side Hustle: Organic Skin Care Line


I’m British, so talking about myself naturally gives me a bit of an ulcer. But there are so many coaches and gurus out there who don’t have the experience to back up their claims. I want you to fully understand what brings me here to share Side Hustle Made Simple with you.

So here goes...

I specialize in two things: sales and startups. My last j-o-b was as a Sales Director for a startup that was acquired by a Fortune 500 company. Over the years, I’ve helped build three startups — all of which were sold, the most recent of which for $405M. So I understand how to take limited resources and turn them into functional, profitable businesses.

I also know a thing or two about hustling. I grew up with next to nothing with a single mum and four sisters. A natural hustler, I started working as soon as I finished school at 18.

I moved up in the sales department by working harder than anyone else. Well, I say “working harder” but it was really working smarter. In sales, my income was largely commission-based. So I knew that if I wanted to make more money to support my mum, I wanted maximum dollars from my hours.

When I walked away from my Sales Director j-o-b after 18 months of side hustling, I was making $500K/year. Now a full time entrepreneur, I've replaced my full time income and my business is growing at a rapid pace!

What I’m most proud of is that I achieved all of it without a college degree. No technical qualifications. No expert training. No journalism background. Just heart. Determination. And a whole lotta hustle.

All those things you think you need to be successful? You don’t need them. Building a profitable side hustle is an entirely teachable ability. You simply need a system to get your ideas out of your head and into the world, no prerequisites required.

I’m giving my British heart palpitations so you can understand this one thing: when I say I know how to get maximum results from your time, I mean it.

My clients say my most valuable skill is helping them make the best use of their time and talent. We won’t focus on anything that won’t create killer results. It’s that simple.

I created Side Hustle Made Simple to give aspiring entrepreneurs like you the steps you need to take your big idea and turn it into a living, breathing, money-making that makes you enough to eventually quit your day job if you want to.


In the year prior to working with Susie, I worked constantly on anything to do with my business that didn't actually involve launching it and putting it out in the open for public consumption. I built and finessed my website, experimented with my first products, wrote blog posts that never saw the light of day, took photos, etc.

In my first two weeks of working with Susie, I launched and sold my first products. Had it not been for her tough love, I would still be tinkering with, finessing, perfecting my website and not actually moving any closer to realizing my vision for my business, and making money!

I saw the success Susie had creating awareness for her business by writing for high profile publications. So armed with the script she provides, I reached out to the Huffington Post and asked to write for them. They agreed and within a week I published my first article!

Susie’s a powerhouse and stretches her clients beyond their own comfort zones.

She dreams bigger about our businesses than even we do.

To date, I've risen to the occasion on each challenge/deadline/ task Susie has thrown at me. I achieved things I would never have thought myself capable of, in a much shorter time frame. And with each achievement, I cast my vision wider, and shrug off more of the doubts and insecurities I once had. Plus I have this momentum now that pushes me forward. And I'm really proud of myself for my achievements!

Susie’s program also helped me to prioritize everything else in my life so I can accommodate the time I need for my business. It's made me much happier.

I recommend Susie’ course to anyone who’s ready to push their limits and take bold action. It’s enabled me to make rapid progress and keep thinking ahead to the next part of the strategy, rather than getting stuck early on. Susie rocks!"

Katja Buhrer
Side Hustle: Organic Home & Beauty Goods Consultant


Side Hustle Made Simple has been INVALUABLE. I booked my first design client (a nice chunk of money, I may add!) so the course has already paid for itself. I directly relate that to Susie’s help with getting clear on who my avatar (ideal client) is and working on my elevator pitch.

I've also received an extra boost of confidence.

Susie’s enthusiasm for what she does is infectious and she truly has a desire to see us succeed. I now have the tools and resources to successfully implement a Side Hustle with confidence. Plus, the community that comes with the program was a little juicy bonus!

To anyone considering Side Hustle Made Simple, be prepared to launch. Susie makes the process simple, easy to understand, and IT WORKS. You will have a paying client in a very short amount of time. BE READY. 🙂

Sarah Kostelnik
Side Hustle: Interior Designer


For the past two years, I felt like there was something missing. I had this amazing job but I didn't feel completely fulfilled. I had an idea, but that was all it was.

With Side Hustle Made Simple, I felt like I was given a treasure map. Susie holds nothing back. She gives you all the tools to start a side hustle, which is why the course is worth every penny. She teaches you what works and what doesn't — all the shortcuts and secrets to getting clients quickly — in one month.

Susie provides all the steps and scripts on how to actually turn your hobby into a business with paying clients. If you do your homework each week, you will have a side hustle by the time the course is over.

Without Side Hustle Made Simple, I would have spent years trying to figure countless things out. I would not be concentrated on bringing financial results and I for sure would not see how my hobby could actually become a primary source of income.

Susie not only gives you so much confidence in yourself and what you can do, she sets an example, given that she is so genuinely happy and inspired. She arms you with a burning desire to make something more with your life, have fun doing it, and become profitable.”

Ivonne Ackerman
Side Hustle: Barre Instructor (


With Side Hustle Made Simple, you’ll learn my proven system for building a business that can replace your full-time income, even if…

  • You don’t have a solid idea for your business
  • You don’t have years of experience or an advanced degree... or any degree!
  • You don’t have a strong network or insider business connection
  • You don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in a website, logo, or brochures
  • You don’t have the confidence or business savvy to know how to grow a startup business
  • Your stomach twists into knots when you think about selling
  • You’re already over-scheduled and exhausted

In the course, you'll get...

  • The step-by-step plan to take your Side Hustle from daydream to reality
  • Four laser-focused modules, where you’ll learn how to start your Side Hustle and land your first paying client in 30 days
  • Pro time management and productivity tips to help you make plenty of time to invest in your Side Hustle
  • Weekly hit lists with targeted action items to define the exact type of Side Hustle you're going to build and how to use your time to get results fast


Each core module of the program is focused on a different topic: feasibility, foundation, financial success, and future-proofing. We’re going to go from having no idea, no plan, and no strategy to getting you your first paying client...all in 30 days.

You know what you won’t find here? Fluff. I’ve learned the exact things that get results (and the ones that don’t) when you’re starting a business. My decade-long start up career counts for something, friends. And we’ll only focus on the tasks that truly matter. That’s a promise.

You’ll also receive a hit list for each module — a clear set of action items for you to implement each week.

This is where the magic happens! When you take the steps I give you and put them into action, big things start to happen. I’m going to make it crystal clear where you should spend your minimal hours to get maximum results.

We’ll also have discussions in our private Facebook group where we’ll talk about strategy, execution, productivity, marketing, and more. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, discuss your hit lists, and get personalized accountability to help you get your Side Hustle off the ground.

Every Side Hustle comes with its unique challenges and hurdles along the way, and I’m here to support you by giving you personalized support to get un-stuck.

Module 1: Feasibility

First things first. You need to get clear on what kind of Side Hustle you’ll be building and make sure you can make money doing it. Or, if you already have a Side Hustle but it’s just limping along, we’ll figure out why. You’ll discover:

  • How to pinpoint THE idea for your Side Hustle — whether you start the program with millions of potential ideas or zero ideas
  • Productivity hacks to get more done in less time during the program
  • Scheduling secrets to find more time in your day to work on your Side Hustle
  • Weekly hit lists with targeted action items to push you forward by working on the tasks that get results
  • The system to test potential Side Hustle ideas to determine which will be the most profitable (or re-strategize your ideas if your existing Side Hustle isn’t profitable yet)

Module 2: Foundation

The devil is in the details with Module 2. We’ll take your Side Hustle idea and make it real by mapping out your services or products, your positioning, and your unique selling proposition (your USP.) You’ll discover:

  • What specific products/services will be most valuable to your clients
  • How to structure your Side Hustle to support you for the weeks, months, and years ahead
  • How to nail your messaging so it’s descriptive enough to build intrigue but not so complex that people lose interest
  • How your different products and services will work together to create a robust product/service mix
  • Weekly hit list of tasks to set your Side Hustle up like a boss so that it supports you as you build and grow

Module 3: Financial Success

In this module, we’re talking about my very favorite topic: money, honey. The only thing more important than revenue is profitability — I’ll guide you on both. My 10-year career in sales taught me everything you need to know about selling your Side Hustle to your audience. After this module, you’ll know:

  • How to launch your Side Hustle and get the word out about your business...while spending exactly $0
  • The steps you need to get people to buy from you without having a website, a business card or a logo
  • My specific system to get your very first paying clients for your Side Hustle in 30 days
  • Exactly how to position your Side Hustle to make it sound absolutely irresistible to your ideal clients — chances are, if you’ve got a Side Hustle that isn’t profitable yet, this lesson will cure that!
  • Weekly hit list to get your sales system up and running and connecting with potential clients with zero sleaze!

Module 4: Future Proofing

By this point, you’ll have you a concrete idea, a rock solid foundation, and the sales strategy to get as many paying clients as you can handle. In Module 4, you’ll learn how to scale your Side Hustle to take it as big as you want by learning:

  • The secrets to growing a tribe of raving fans and creating hunger for your Side Hustle each week
  • How to use your smarts and your unique voice to get people banging on your door to buy your stuff
  • How to be your own best publicist and pitch yourself to outlets like the Huffington Post, Marie Claire, and The Today Show (I’ve successfully done all three)
  • The most important dos and don’ts for marketing your business on social media
  • Weekly hit list to take your Side Hustle from a side business to one that can support you for the rest of your life


1 payment of $297 USD


4 payments of $97 USD



Sparkle On Social Masterclass — with Colleen Arneil, Ph.D. ($497 value)

Social media and the internet have changed the game when it comes to building your side hustle because you can reach millions with the touch of a “share this” button. Join social media and systems expert Colleen Arneil to discover today’s best online marketing strategies to reach your audience and make consistent cash in your side hustle.

You’ll learn Colleen’s hand-picked strategies for busy side hustlers, including…

  • The killer 3-step social strategy to find new dream customers
  • The social media strategies that make people want to buy from you
    What type of social media content gets people clicking...and what they’ll scroll right past, every time
  • The best social media scheduling tools to save hours each week
  • How to take your social media audience and turn them into paying customers

And more!

Colleen’s advice is brilliant, easy-to-follow, and honestly, fun! She doesn’t do overwhelming. She cuts right to the heart of the issue and dishes it out morsel by tasty morsel.

This is an incredible opportunity to take full advantage of!

About Colleen Arneil, PhD

Colleen is a dangerously sharp online business expert who specializes in marketing strategies that work round-the-clock. (As in, the ones that make you money even while you’re out at brunch or binge-watching Netflix.) She has a doctorate in psychology and is an expert on using psychological triggers and persuasion to attract customers by understanding buyer behavior. Her business, Passive Income Queen, helps entrepreneurs mix smart marketing with real human psychology to sell their products in a way that feels effortless.


Almost Famous Masterclass— with editor Locke Hughes ($1,000 value)

Imagine seeing your name and Side Hustle in places like Marie Claire, Business Insider, Forbes, Women’s Health, Inc, Entrepreneur or Family Circle. This bonus will show you how.

I’m bringing in my own amazing former editor Locke Hughes to spill insider secrets on the media industry.

Locke has held editorial positions at WebMD, Greatist, Shape, and Woman’s suffice it to say she knows a thing or two about how to get published!

Her years as an editor, as well as her experience pitching her own articles to big-name outlets, helped her develop a step-by-step system to find editors and write irresistible pitches that get accepted.

Even if you don’t think you’re a writer, Locke will help you find your voice. You just need to know some tips and tricks to get your ideas flowing to get the knowledge inside of you heard.

Getting media exposure like this is priceless for your business...and a lot of small businesses pay $10K a month for a single media mention.

But the truth is, you don’t have to be anyone famous to be featured by a media giant. I wasn’t and neither were many of my clients getting regularly published now.

During the Almost Famous masterclass, you’ll learn...

  • The five steps to get published in big name publications
  • How to pick the best publications for your side hustle
  • How to find the right editors to contact AND how to find their contact information. (Wait until you hear how easy it is to do this! It’s like Locke’s giving you the keys to the castle!)
  • The done-for-you template to write the perfect pitch to make any editor say “yes!”
  • How to become a thought leader in your field over time so that media outlets start coming to YOU wanting to feature you

About Locke Hughes

Locke is a passionate, digitally savvy writer and editor who's held positions at WebMD, Greatist, Shape, and Woman's Day. Her work appears on sites such as Thrillist, Redbook, Marie Claire, Muscle & Fitness, The Huffington Post and Thrive Global. She’s an eagle-eyed editor who loves helping people use words to connect with their ideal audiences... even (and especially) if they don’t think they’re a “writer.”


My ENTIRE library of done-for-you sales scripts ($497 value)

After 10 years working in sales — from Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500 board rooms — I’ve perfected the selling process.

In this bonus, you’ll get done-for-you scripts to help you maximize every type of potential selling opportunity. You’ll have a script for just about every situation you could encounter when it comes to selling with integrity, never feeling slimy or sleazy.

You’ll get templates to help you…

  • Write emails that get potential clients interested in you
  • Ask your network for referrals
  • Score amazing testimonials from clients to serve as social proof for your Side Hustle
  • Follow up with leads in a way that it isn’t pushy but gently encourages them to buy from you
  • Build a list of raving fans wanting what you have to offer now...and next
  • Pitch editors of big publications to get your name out there — this is exactly what I did to get published in Marie Claire, Business Insider, The Zoe Report, Brit + Co, MindBodyGreen, Shape, Family Circle and more
  • The specific template to create your “elevator pitch” that piques people’s interest to find out more and how to explain to the world exactly why your side hustle exists and WHY YOU

Most people have to create all these things from scratch, but not a smart side hustler like you. You’ll just take my prewritten templates, plug in your information, and BOOM. You’re on your way to getting clients.

This is what Side Hustle Made Simple is all about — learning from an expert’s experience to take savvy shortcuts and start getting results FAST.


The only resources you need to build your Side Hustle (priceless)!

One of the most overwhelming parts of creating a side hustle is picking the resources you need to get started. From website hosting to email marketing to list building, there are so many options for you.

In this PDF guide, I’m making it simple. I’ll give you my picks for the resources you need as you start your side hustle. These are tried-and-true and extremely cost-effective so you can get your hustle going with minimal investment. You’ll save yourself HOURS just with this!

Side Hustle Made Simple student D. Camille said, “The resources section alone was worth the money."

Don’t miss out on getting my tried-and-true resources to get your side hustle off the ground.

Here's What You'll Get:


(Or 4 monthly payments of $97)

4 Core Modules

To give you EVERYTHING you need to start your Side Hustle, get your first paying client, and scale it to be as big as you can dream.

We’ll cover more in these four modules than some business classes teach in four months... because we’ll zero in on the handful of actions that truly produce results. Side Hustlers don’t have time to spend on strategies that get anything less than stellar outcomes.

4 Hit Lists

That clearly lay out what you’ll be working on each week/module. As a busy Side Hustler, you don’t have time for anything but the cream-of-the-crop strategies. Your hit list helps you sidestep the fluff and get laser-focused about doing the work that matters.

Proven Done-For-You Sales Scripts

To take the guesswork (and sleaze) out of selling. These scripts come from my 10-year career in sales PLUS my four years of building a business with limited time. Just copy, paste, and add in your info to have high-converting sales material in minutes.

Sparkle on Social Masterclass

To learn the smarter way to social to reach your audience and make consistent money in your Side Hustle. You’ll discover how to leverage the power of social media to grow your customer base (and your bank account) in only minutes each day. These social media secrets have personally helped me go to the next level in my business every few months!

Almost Famous Masterclass

To uncover the five simple steps to get your side hustle featured on top websites and TV shows. You’ll learn the exact system I used to get my business featured in Marie Claire, the BBC, the Today show, and more. I can’t wait to share the system with you so you can see your own name in big publications...and for you to see how easy it is!

My Insider Resource Guide

Full of tried-and-true (and super affordable) programs, tools, and products. I — along with my clients and biz buddies — have tried ‘em all and I’ve compiled the best of the best in this guide. Don’t waste a minute stressing over Amazon reviews or another penny on a crappy product! Just pull out this guide to make the smartest investments possible.

Private Facebook Community

To talk about strategy, execution, productivity, marketing, and more. My team and I are in the group ALL YEAR LONG answering questions, delivering exclusive trainings, and interacting the with SHMS community. Since you’ll get lifetime access to group, that means continuous support, expertise, and ongoing training — long after the program wraps up.

Lifetime Access To All Materials In The Program

All training calls, masterclasses, sales scripts, Facebook community...everything. A side hustle is constantly evolving. As your business grows, you’ll be able to come back to the materials to give you a kick-start when you need it.


This experience is life-changing. Susie masterfully combines her deep how-to knowledge with her natural talent in career coaching to provide a clear road map to success.

It is about doing the work. Susie has great energy and messaging on each call and there really is no guesswork on what steps to take. It's also about being the confident side hustler that has the right attitude to move forward, rather than giving in to fear!

It is so empowering, practical, and inspiring all at the same time.

I now have 2 PAYING clients for my Side Hustle and I've gotten my brother's cleaning business 3 new clients from my email blast.

That alone has been worth its weight in gold! I also feel more confident in my day job because a good portion of Side Hustle Made Simple applies to all phases of life!

And don't get me started on the Almost Famous call. I'm a writer and never thought about it because I'm so video-based. Thanks for setting me straight!

Carolyn Purcell
Media Consultant (Sweet P Media)


Before, when I thought about doing something like this, the fear factor set in and I would think - I don't know how to do this, or what will others think? etc.

The content you share is relevant and to the point. There is no information overload here - the course is stripped right down to basics and what we need to know the most and that makes it easy to take it all in.

I have more belief in myself now. I know I can do this. And I am not taking it so seriously (in a good way)! Whenever I start to feel those old fears coming back, I remind myself that this is something fun and not something to ever fear.

I also loved the guest experts you brought in to help with their subject matter — both in terms of the bonus trainings and in the Facebook group. There is so much to learn from everybody else's journey and you have created that circle.

Honestly, I don't know how you could have made it any easier Susie....short of becoming my personal daily accountability coach!

Aisling Davis
Finance/Money Coach

"My hobby's turned into a hustle with my 1st paid client!!

I am so EXCITED! Susie's mentorship helped me demystify the process and made me realize it's possible for me.

Susie’s awakened the mere possibility of having a Side Hustle into a ‘this is happening’ reality. Susie’s generous encouragement and concrete tools will help turn your dreams into action by teaching you a confident mindset and undeniable blueprint for success.

For the first time in a long time, I feel excited about my future and the direction of my career. If I can do it, so can you!"

Beth Kohler
Life Coach


A traditional job used to be the ticket to satisfaction, wealth, and security. That’s not true in 2017.

According to the stats, 52.3% of people are unhappy at work. In my business’s research, we found only 3.6% of people would be “happy” if their work situation stayed the same next year.

We’re not making enough. When asked how they would pay for an unexpected $400 emergency, 47% of Americans said they would have to borrow the money or sell something.

The economy and job market can turn at any moment. We’ve lived through the recession and have seen even the most loyal employees deal with devastating job loss and years of financial instability.

The only secure future is the one you build yourself. That is where the real opportunity lies. Not to mention it’s the only truly satisfying future.

Entrepreneurship is easier and more popular than ever. And it’s changing.

14% of working-age Americans were starting or running new businesses in 2015. Baby Boomers are now twice as likely to start a business as Millennials. The number of women-owned businesses grew by 74% from 1997-2015 — 1.5 times the national average.

No matter your age or your stage in your career, there will never be a better time to start a side hustle than now. Today.

Starting your side hustle will open up more doors than you ever imagined. It will give you the fulfillment that your day job doesn’t. It will allow you to make your passions active in your life. You’ll make a meaningful difference in the world and change others’ lives.

The extra money your side hustle brings in gives you a layer of security your job can’t. Whether you want to treat yourself and your family to the finer things in life or save for retirement or a rainy day, the income of a side hustle is truly life-changing.

And if you really work it, your side hustle will allow you to leave your 9-5 and pursue it full-time, as it did for me.

Side Hustle Made Simple helps you to do that, with:

+ Intensive teaching modules to clearly define your idea, foundation, sales, and growth strategies

+ Laser-focused action items to execute your plan and get your side hustle up and running

+ A new network of colleagues, friends, and potential clients that totally “get” the side hustle lifestyle and want the same things you do

+ The system you need to get you your first paying client in 30 days!

One of my favorite quotes is the Chinese proverb that says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

I want to make is easy for you to say “yes” to starting your side hustle. So I’m offering tons of value-packed bonuses AND a payment plan to make Side Hustle Made Simple a reality for you.

If you’re serious about changing your career and your life, the time is NOW.


You’ll put in the work. I won’t sugarcoat it — building a side hustle takes work. But it’s much easier than working in a job you hate for 40+ hours per week for the rest of your life. I promise you that.

You’re a high performer and you know you’re built for more than the average person.

Your day job isn’t challenging you or feeding your soul.

You know that investing in this program is well worth the thousands you will make when you start building your side hustle.

You’re able to devote a few hours each week to build your side hustle.

You’re an executor. You can take a list of tasks and take action to complete them.

You’re afraid of what your life will look like a year, five years, ten or twenty years from now if you don’t make a change today.


You’re not ready to invest in your future.

You aren’t able to find a few hours each week to work on this program.

You’re a chronic overthinker and don’t take action until everything is perfect. (There is no “perfect” in entrepreneurism!)

You’re not willing or able to put in the work today to build a better tomorrow.

You’re a pessimist. We just won’t get along well if you’re a Debbie Downer.



Working with Susie helped inspire me to follow my passions and use my talents. She speaks from experience and with authority, which I love. Her enthusiastic and passionate nature is also very contagious and empowering.


Because of The Side Hustle Made Simple, I have grown in confidence and my side hustle is growing in size as my skills increase and my contact list expands. My very first client even sent me referrals!


It’s thrilling making real money now after being a stay at home mum for over 5 years! I made almost $1,800 in under 3 months with zero outgoings, My clients have already been referring me to friends. I feel so empowered. In fact,for the first time in years I recently bought my husband his first Father’s Day gift with money I earned!


Susie’s wealth of knowledge and tips for how to pursue your side hustle was so helpful. She also provided great examples of other successful side hustles that motivate, inspire, and show me how to continually improve.


I recommend Susie to anyone thinking of pursuing a side hustle, especially someone who is a little bit hesitant. You’ll really benefit from Susie's motivation and passion."


Liz Trembeth, Career Coach



Before Side Hustle Made Simple, I was playing around with my hobby of making organic skin care products. I'm good at research and education, but know zip about business.


I needed the course to get started down the right road to making this hobby a business. There was so much value in the calls. I madly scribbled notes during every one and I always felt highly motivated and confident in my next steps. I gained confidence in a business world that was foreign to me.


The Side Hustle Made Simple got me working quicker than anything else I'd tried. Susie was genuinely excited to teach us her methods and that in turn excited me to start my business journey. I was fired up to start DOING.


Since the course, I have focused on getting myself and my products out in the world through social media and local meetings of women. I've started an email list - a critical step I wouldn't have thought about without Susie. I gained the confidence I needed to know what I wanted to do and start doing it! I'm now working with a web designer to bring an online shop together.


I now look forward to working on my business every day. I recommend Side Hustle Made Simple to anyone who has a hobby they are passionate about."


Dorothy Wicks, Garden Path Organics


What will your life look like this time next year if you don’t start building your side hustle?

Will you be in the same job that you hate? Counting down the hours until quitting time? Putting up with the same awful boss who doesn’t appreciate your talents or pay you what you’re worth?

Stressed? Tired? Unhealthy? Grumpy? Bored?

Will you be happy that you played it safe (although in this economy, there is no “safe”) and stayed in the rat race for another year?

And what will your life look like a year from now if you start building your side hustle today?

Will you be in a position to hand in your two weeks’ notice because your side hustle has replaced your full-time income?

Will you feel fulfilled every day, doing work that is meaningful to you and others and taps into your innate strengths and gifts?

Will you enjoy the freedom to pursue the opportunities and projects that light you up on every level?

Will your kids grow up knowing that it’s important to follow their dreams and fulfill their potentials?

Will you be able to enjoy more of what life has to offer with the extra money your side hustle makes?

You’re on the edge of something truly life-changing. But you have to decide you deserve it.


More questions? Email me


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